Live where you belong

  • The Fraser Coast

    A thriving coastal community with great history and a sense for outdoor living, The Fraser Coast is the gateway to a better lifestyle. With so many large businesses in varying industries there are plenty of job opportunities for a broad range of careers.

  • The Lifestyle

    The Fraser Coast has so much to offer. From beautiful beaches to amazing hinterlands. With a welcoming community and a supportive & innovative business network, our region is full of people who will make any transition seamless. Lifestyle is the key to our community and moving here doesn't mean a step back.

  • Live where you belong

    Work usually dictates where you live and in most cases work is where you don't really want to.

    We would like to share the stories of some of our residents who have found a place they truly call home, and show the rest of Australia why the Fraser Coast should be on everyone's radar.


Hear from some of our locals why they chose to move to the Fraser Coast.


Dan and Steph

With a growing community comes growing opportunity, why not start you business venture here.

Dr Nick's story

The perspective of a medical professional and why he took on exciting journey of moving to the Fraser Coast.



Juanita and her family

The Fraser Coast has so much to offer to balance work and life, and to help find time to spend with your family.

Troy's work-life balance

In moving back to the Fraser Coast, Troy found that he didn't have to miss out on the professional opportunities like those available in the capital cities.